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Energy Shift – Life Design presents…

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The Citrine Circle is a rotating series of courses, workshops & private sessions designed for your Self empowerment, spiritual growth through deeper understanding, self compassion & self love. All this while working to achieve your goal, be it business related, romance or simple peace of mind and expansion of consciousness – or a combination of a few!


Two courses are available at this time:

This is a 3 week intention workshop. Get a handle on your power which is at work every minute! Learn what the ‘field of intention’ really is and how to use it – with precision – at will! The course is stock full of ‘tools’ which you’ll learn and USE in techniques designed to lock and load your intentions. For best results bring an intention with you to the course to work on.  Allow yourself to be your own laboratory as you activate and watch the effect of using new tools, new approaches bringing breakthroughs of the blocks and hurdles that may previously seemed to be in your way!(For date & time click on ‘classes & workshops’ button above)

This is a 3 week course that uses the tools from the intention workshop (Success – Lock & Load) but with the sole purpose of aligning yourself with the ‘love of your life’ – once and for all! OR it may be you already have met this person and your intention is to enhance the relationship.  The course leads you to a re-visitation of an expanded state of of consciousness which is your natural state while giving you tools in the realm of Light work.  Your outer experience is a mirror reflection of your inner reality. This course is self healing as part of the process of making way for your manifestation. The tools you gain are available to use for the rest of your life, from the moment you learn them in this Citrine Circle workshop.(For date & time click on ‘classes & workshops’ button above)


Why not…the diamond circle? Why CITRINE????
photo - citrine raw

I chose Citrine because of my personal passion about this stone. And I’m not alone. Citrine is one of the most popular quartz crystals most likely because it’s so multi-talented! It multi-tasks more than your average Light workin’ stone!

As I studied Citrine I learned it was referred to by several different ‘NICK- NAMES';

The Protection Stone
The Sun Stone
The Success Stone
Mind/Emotion Stone

All of those are correct! Citrine is extremely powerful at expelling any kind of negative vibe be it from a person, place, thing or situation. Its energy plays into the resolution of negative situations. If you MUST be in this situation, this stone will help bring resolve.

Then there’s the fact that this stone, Citrine, has energetic qualities of the Sun!  It assist in energizing and invigorating the Spirit Body and how you feel emotionally while also adding to the vitality and power of your physical body.  The stone is a comfort stone, warmth and nurturing – just like the sun (minus the ultra violet rays!).  Citrine has a subtle way of encouraging self confidence and elevated esteem for self.

Citrine is a mack Daddy stone when it comes to benefiting our mental capacity.  Its energy soothes anger, fear, self doubt, anxiety. It is a tremendous aid in the healing through grief, emotional trauma or depression.   Citrine is your don’t worry be happy rock. Happiness, joy and optimism are its main ingredients.  That being said….

Prosperity, abundance and success (especially in business) are strong characteristics of the Citrine energy trait.  I like to mention this last because ‘true success’ is not just a bunch of money in the bank. Citrine is in alignment with this truth as it aids us in all the areas necessary to bring your goal line wins to fruition. Self discipline, courage and will power are potent citrine energies as this stone wreaks of good fortune and wealth.  Use citrine in meditation to help regain your center in peace… or use it while working your affirmations to aid manifestation.

Citrine is perfect for the effort of shifting energy for the purpose of conciously designing your life!

Welcome to the Citrine Circle!




Energy Shift-Life Design offers Spirit based tools for self empowerment. We realize that not every one can easily afford these specialty courses. So Gillian has committed to making it possible for as many people as possible to get this information. If the cost of a course or service seems beyond your current means, communicate the need for a ‘compassion adjustment’ to your rate and she will do her best to accomodate!